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Kevin Duncan Kevin Duncan has over 20+ Years of Experience in Basketball Coaching & Training and is a Certified Skill Enhancement Trainer with Micah Lancaster & I'm Possible Training. He has held the position of Asst. Coach at Miami Univ. of Hamilton, coached in the Hamilton City School District, trained in numerous other districts & facilities throughout Ohio, & led & assisted in various camps for the Hamilton Boys & Girls Club & Y.M.C.A. He has trained & coached at the Kingdom Sports Center in Franklin for 8 years, and he is currently the Kingdom’s AAU/Select Player Development Coordinator. Kevin is a flight simulator, skill enhancement basketball trainer who uses innovation to artificially simulate the game for players, applying an efficient out-of-box approach to basketball training.

" Certified Skill Enhancement Trainer with Micah Lancaster and I'm Possible Training"

AIR-KEV......Train with the best

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click here to view Air Kev's ONLINE schedule


If there are no dates or times shown in the schedule this means that Kevin has not yet posted times OR all training times have been booked.

All training sessions MUST be paid for online before attending!

Small Group Sessions: $40 per session/Per Person

  • These sessions are one hour long, with groups of up to 6 players at a time. In this setting Kevin will focus on developing your child's basketball skills in a small group setting. 

  • These Sessions are now broken down into grades so please view the Grade before selecting the time

  • FAMILY & FRIEND'S DISCOUNT ON Small Group TRAINING ONLY - 2 or more registering from the same account for the same time applies




"Kevin Duncan has trained my daughter for the past two years and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  She has gone from an average player on the second team to one of the best players on the first team.  And while he creates "monsters" on the basketball court, Kevin has helped mold my daughter into an even better person off the court.  Ambition, hard work, self-discipline, accountability, and confidence are just a few of the life skills that Kevin has instilled and/or strengthened in my daughter.  The results on the court are awesome.  The results off the court are immeasurable." - Matt Lyons
"When I first started taking Shawn to Kevin his skill level was very low. He had a passion for the game but needed a lot of help. In the 2 years he has been seeing Kevin his skill level has increased dramatically. He is now a starter with the confidence to be point guard. Without Air Kev Shawn would not be where he is today". - Shawn Turner



“My boys have began working with Kevin regularly about 6 months ago and their skills have grown dramatically.  Kevin’s focus on ball handling and the mental game have changed how they play the game.  And best of all, they are now self-motivated and can’t get enough of practicing.” - Pat Luers


“I honestly can’t say enough about Kevin and his Air Kevin Training Program.  My son began training with Kevin a little over a year ago. Kevin’s training focuses on helping develop weak points and further developing existing skills. Prior to working with Kevin one of my sons weakness was ball handling and now it is one of his strengths.  The confidence, accountability, skills, and motivation that he has developed over the past year are truly amazing. I have noticed a positive change on and off the court. Kevin loves the game of basketball and it shows. He ignites excitement in kids and provides them with a great mentor instilling good work ethics and values on an off the court.” - Erica Terry


Our daughter played for the Air Kev AAU team and trained with him many times. The training she received from Air Kev was excellent!  The training she received gave her the skills to make varsity as a freshman.  Thanks Air Kev - Jeremy Cook



This past summer I made a call to Kevin based on a referral from a co-worker.This was the summer before my son's freshman basketball tryouts, and we felt we were in a precarious position. We had tried several off season teams in past years, but felt that in the months leading up to fall tryouts we needed to try a much different approach. Kevin got us in the next day for a evaluation. From the start Kevin had my son pegged. From the first lesson he challenged my son's abilities in a way that had NEVER been challenged in 9 years of basketball! In the beginning those challenges proved frustrating to my son because he had a natural ability, but he had never been pushed in that way.


Since those first days I watched my son over the summer have a passion that I had never before witnessed. He learned how hard work, dedication, and perseverance gave results. Kevin not only worked with his basketball skills, he really mentored him. I realized how fortunate we were to have met Kevin no matter the outcome in the fall tryouts.


This weekend my son got what he had worked so hard for by making his Freshman team. I know that Kevin's role in that was critical. I am confident that my son would not have dedicated himself in that way without Kevin coaching and encouragement. My son would never have learned to love to work that hard to master what Kevin challenged him to do week after week. I believe nothing else would have had the same effect. The experiences from this summer are cemented in him not only as a player but a young man.

In our discussion when we gave Kevin the wonderful news he said "the work isn't done", and I agree. Our family eagerly awaits the time when our toddler can go to Kevin. We have decided this is the only route we will take with our youngest, because we know how beneficial it was to our oldest in such a short time. THANK YOU KEVIN FOR ALL YOU DO! - Melissa Layer

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