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Kingdom Crew
Session 2 Roster Page

Session 2 Schedule now available
Click below to view what team your child is playing on

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Session 2 League Schedule
League schedule is now available. Click below to view the full schedule. Teams will start play this Saturday for certain divisions. There is a spectator fee for all adults ($5). This does not include adult teams or HS divisions. Kingdom Crew Coaches may book practices (FREE) for their team. Our practice time availability is 3-4:45pm on weekdays only. 
Playing Rules & Facility Guidelines
Please click and read the updated playing rules for the Kingdom Sports Center indoor soccer season. This also has the spectator guidelines to ensure a safe environment.
Team Rosters
Click below to view what team your child is competing on this indoor soccer session. Once you find what team you are playing on, please click schedule link on this page to view your teams schedule. Your coach should also be reaching out to you as well. 
Main Soccer Page
Click below to return to the main soccer page for registration. 
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