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About The Program
From the beginning, 16 years ago, we have established the JR. NBA along side the NBA, Under Armor and Gatorade, to help young athletes, to learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Click below to learn more about us. 
Meet Your Trainer
Mick Dejene is ready to develop your young athlete to the next level. Being one of the top trainers in the area, Mick is skilled in many training techniques, while encouraging and spreading positive momentum through the session. 
Our Focus
We believe in developing positive, happy athletes through encouragement. Our training styles are taught at the highest level all the way to the youth level. Positive change happens when our leaders inspire our youth to become the next generation of change. Become apart of our focus today. 
Train Like A Pro...
Combining both fundamental basketball skill development, with fast twitch explosive training, your athlete will excel at a 70% greater level than other programs. Ball handling, passing, shooting, defense and offense, + speed, agility, upper body power, lower body explosiveness, core stability and balance. Join the program now!
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