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30 Minutes 0f Basketball Development
30 Minute Basketball Skill Training
30 Minute Fast Twitch Explosive WOrkout
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Lower Body Strength
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Mick Dejene
Coach Mick is ready to help develop your young athlete to the next level. 
Combining pro level basketball skill development with fast twitch explosive training, Coach Mick has designed a 10 week session starting in December to help your athlete grow. 
Join now and experience the Jr NBA different here at Kingdom Sports Center
About The Program
Welcome to the ALL NEW Jr. NBA Training Program. Combining Pro Level Fundamental Basketball Drills With Explosive Fast Twitch Training.
This Program Is Ready To Develop Your Kindergartener - 6th Grader To The Next Level.
3rd-6th Graders Must Register For Winter TrueRec Basketball League In Order To Receive Jr. NBA Training Program FREE.
Kindergarten - 2nd graders must register separately. Training starts December 6th. Deadline Ends Nov. 26th Walk Ins welcome.
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