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Take Your Athlete To The Next Level
With The (1) Hour - Kingdom Fast Twitch Sport Training Program
Combining Explosive Speed Training With Agility Movements Naturally Develops The Athlete's Level Of Motor Development & Reaction Time, Creating A More Explosive, Aware Athlete, Ready To Dominate The Playing Field. 
Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Are Essential To Athletic Development. Eccentrically And Concentrically Isolating Muscle Groups Helps To Encourage Natural Muscle Growth On All Levels.
Generating Power & Strength Is A Continual Journey. Developing Strong Healthy Habits Is Accomplished By Targeting Specific Muscle Groups To Maximize The Muscle Fiber. This Allows The Body To Develop More Muscle In Specific Areas.
Balance & Core Development Is Achieved Through Stability Exercises That Help Isolate Body Parts So That They All Work Better Together. By Targeting And Training Small Muscle Groups, The Body Can React Better When Performing Specific Movements In All Sports.
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