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Mick Dejene
Basketball Training
- $15 Per Session
- Pay Through Paypal
- Book Through Sign Up Genius
- Receive Training Link 30 Min before Session
Sessions will be live and real time, together, with up to 100 students. Once you are given the join code through ZOOM, you'll be able to join in on the fun. 
We will be utilizing social distancing to our advantage, as your home is your playground. 
Technology today will help us connect on a personal level, while still focusing on our goal of growing each day in baseball and life skills. 
All that is required is a phone, tablet, computer or another electronic device, capable of downloading the Zoom App.
Real Time Training
About The Program
Training sessions are built exactly from what Pro's do. Combining Basketball skill with explosive movements, your athlete will see an 80% greater level of improvement over other trainers and development techniques. 
Sessions will be modified for at home and an all skill level training style. 
Reserve your training time at SignUp Genius and receive training link 30 minutes before session begins
Session Breakdown
  • 2 Minute Dynamic Stretch
  • 25 Minute Basketball Skill Session (Shooting, Dribbling, Offensive Moves
  • 20-25 Minute Explosive Workout
    • Upper Body Strength​
    • Lower Body Power
    • Speed & Agility
    • Core & Stability
  • 2 Minute Cool-down Stretch
All drills are done in real time and live with students. 
For questions:
Call/Text Mick at: 937-301-9147
- K-3rd Grade (2pm - 3pm)
- 4th-12th Grade (5pm - 6pm)
- K-3rd Grade (2pm - 3pm)
- 4th-12th Grade (5pm - 6pm)
About Coach Mick
Mick has been training for many years. Studying the art of basketball and explosive fast twitch training, he has designed a training program to help athletes excel to the next level.
Players will experience everything a pro athlete does with his elite style training. Join now and development your athlete the next level. 
Training Availability
Sessions will be live and real time Mon. & Wed. We will run sessions 
Each session will be broadcast 
live from the ZOOM app. Available to all who have booked their training the week before. 
Session Pricing
Training will cost $15 per session. Please click below to make payments through PAYPAL to Coach Mike Dejene:
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