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Martial Arts Training

With Master Dennis Whitt
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CUBS: 4:30 - 5pm
6/7 yr olds COED

Classes Offered
About The Program
Classes operate on a month to month basis. Each class will meet on Monday & Wednesday evenings for that month of training.

All classes are coed. Master Whitt is excited to help you achieve your Martial Arts goals & help develop you and your family to the next level. 
More Details...
For more details on martial arts classes, please click link below for information form. You can also email Master Dennis Whitt directly.
About Master Whitt
Served in Marine Corps: 1977-1983. 

Master Whitt has achieved the following ranks:
MASTER: Shorin Ryu Karate & Kududo
SECOND: Degree Black Belt - Isshin Ryu
MASTER: Gongfu (Kung Fu)
First Degree Black Belt - Kwanmukan

Welcome to Master Whitt Martial Arts Training Page. I hope to help your athlete on every level possible. One thing I have been known to strive hard for is the ability to work hard. I'm not afraid of putting in the time to help your child grow.
Let's grow together as we help your child in areas of life, Martial Arts and much more.
After serving in our militaryI have been blessed to have help hundreds of boys and girls in and out of the Dojo here in the Ohio area.
Coaching & training for over 40 years, along with mentoring students and athletes, I am ready to help your child grow. 
Encouragement is so vital in life. Especially in the life today your athlete lives in. Lets motivate them to be better men and women to help future generations achieve more...

Book online now and experience the difference. I'm here to help. Please email.
A Message From Master Whitt
TIGERS: 5:05 - 5:50pm 8-9 yr olds COED
LIONS: 5:55 - 7pm
10-17 yr olds COED

ADULTS: 7:05 - 8:05pm
18+ COED

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