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Our sessions are built around 1 hour of baseball training. We allow for up to a max of (3) athletes at a time during the session. With 2 trainers, your athlete will receive one-on-one private training every session. Both Coach Mike & Coach Brandon are here to help your young athlete develop to the next level.
"Train Like A Pro,
Play Like A Pro"
 - Coach Michael Roe
1 Hour Training Session
About The Program
Training sessions are built exactly from what Pro's do. Combining Baseball skill with explosive movements, your athlete will see an 80% greater level of improvement over other trainers and development techniques. Our training style is formulated by the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Gatorade Facility Fast Twitch Training and many more...
Session Breakdown
  • 2 Minute Dynamic Stretch
  • 5-8 Minute Long Toss Progression
  • 15-20 Minute Baseball Skill
    • Focusing on Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, and other pro level concepts
  • 25-30 Minute Explosive Workout
    • Upper Body Strength​
    • Lower Body Power
    • Speed & Agility
    • Core & Stability
  • 2 Minute Yoga Cool-down Stretch
About Coach Mike
Being trained by and with athletes like: Cam Newton, Mark Moulder, Cliff Lee, Matt Barnes, Dwayne Wade, and many others, Coach Mike has helped over 275 athletes. Coach Mike has knowledge and degrees in Kinesiology. By combining his background from baseball to Studying at the Gatorade School, his techniques develop athletes at a much faster rate. Coach Mike played baseball for NKU (NCAA D1) & Cedarville University (NCAA D2) on a Full Scholarship. 
Michael Roe
Pro baseball Training
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"Train Like A Pro... Play Like A Pro"
30 Minute Baseball Training
30 Minute Fast Twitch Workout
Stronger, Faster, More Explosive Athlete

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All Michael Roe Pro Baseball Training Sessions Are Broadcasted On Youtube For At Home Accountability, Homework, & Continued Growth... We Believe In A Better Athlete Working Daily To Become THe Greatest They Can Be.