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What To Expect
Each Hour Training Session Includes:
  • 30 Minutes of Basketball Skill
    • Ball handling, shooting, defense, offense, awareness, and passing​
  • 30 Minutes of Explosive Fast Twitch Training
    • Upper body, lower body, speed & agility, balance and core movements​
Experience Pro Level Basketball Training & Develop Your Athlete To The Next Level. Combining Muscle Memory Skill Development With Explosive Style Workout Training Will Help Encourage Healthy Habits + A Next Level Basketball Player (Increased Speed, Agility, Vertical, Ball Handling, Dribbling  Shooting, Defense, On Court Awareness, Eye-Hand Coordination, Strength & Mental Toughness.
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About The Program
Mick has been training for many years. Studying the art of basketball and explosive fast twitch training, he has designed a training program to help athletes excel to the next level. Players will experience everything a pro athlete does with his elite style training. Join now and development your athlete the next level. Learn more about Mick below.  
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Each session is designed for your young athlete. Mick is ready to help encourage your child to the next level through basketball skill and positive muscle growth fitness exercises. Join now and start your journey together with Coach Mick Dejene.  
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